Edit your profile

You can edit your profile from the top right corner avatar menu in the profile you can edit desired timezone, language, password, account details and much more...

Private messaging

on top menu from the you can view your current active private list and new unread private notification.You can open a private conversation with a user by clicking the avatar of the desired member in chat or by clicking his / her username in the userlist.

Accept / Add friends

on top menu from the you can view your current pending friends requests. You can add friends from members profile by clicking add friend button at bottom of their profile. You can view your current friends list by clicking icon in bottom left footer.


on top menu from the you can view current notification about what is happening on your account. Unread notification are on top and with a different color.


You can access rooms list by clicking on at bottom right footer bar. Room that are marked with a require password. Note that to enter a room you must fill room rank requirement.